Executive Summary

From the Ashes: Resetting Expectations and Restoring Relationships After Project Disasters

Posted September 30, 2007 | Leadership |

Your project is behind schedule and overbudget. The customer is irate, and the president of the company has stepped in personally to micromanage the project, breaking up your work into miniature milestones, or "inchstones," and demanding constant progress reports. The project team members, exhausted and frustrated by the problems on the project and the project's slow progress, have no morale left to speak of.

About The Author
Moshe Cohen
Moshe Cohen is President of The Negotiating Table, a firm that provides mediation services to people in conflict as well as negotiation and conflict management training. Since founding the firm in 1995, Mr. Cohen has mediated hundreds of disputes in a variety of settings and in a multitude of topic areas, including workplace and employment disputes, discrimination complaints, torts, civil litigation, landlord-tenant evictions, divorce, family,… Read More
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