The High-Tech Historian -- Historical Data Analysis

Posted August 1, 2000 | Technology | Cutter Benchmark Review

What does the data mean?

"When you make the finding yourself -- even if you're the last person on Earth to see the light -- you'll never forget it."

-- Carl Sagan

A couple of years ago, your boss asked you to lead a software process improvement (SPI) initiative to reduce cycle time and improve quality while still meeting customer commitments to cost and functionality. After you updated your résumé and pondered the impossibility of the mandate, you decided to step up to the challenge (at least until your income tax refund arrived).

About The Author
James Heires
James T. Heires is a 13-year veteran of the software industry; the majority of his time was spent with Rockwell Collins, Inc. His professional experiences include design of electronic flight instrumentation, flight management systems, and consumer electronics. Mr. Heires's work in software process improvement culminated with the achievement of Software Engineering Institute's Capability Maturity Model Level 3 in two Rockwell Collins business… Read More
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