Aviation: The Future Is Reinvention

Posted January 7, 2021 | Industry | Leadership |
Aviation: The Future Is Reinvention
It is clear to all that COVID-19 has dealt a devastating blow to the economy. The aviation industry, in particular, faces a new reality. While aviation, pre-crisis, was thriving from the waves of globalization and travel commoditization, it was already facing threats such as environmental pressures, unbalanced profit sharing along the value chain, and multiple constraints on operational and business agility. Thus, the recovery phase will be extremely challenging, and we believe future growth will involve nothing less than reinvention of the industry, something that is true of many industries post-pandemic.
About The Author
Mathieu Blondel
Mathieu Blondel is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium and the Global Head of Arthur D. Little’s Aviation Competence Center. He has been supporting leading players across the aviation industry (airlines, airports, third-party service providers) for more than 15 years. His experience ranges from 5Mpax to >60Mpax platforms, and he brings a global perspective to major operators and investors, with projects in Europe, the Middle East, Asia… Read More
Francesco Marsella
Francesco Marsella is a partner at Arthur D. Little, based in the Rome office where he leads the marketing and sales center of competence of both the Automotive and Manufacturing Goods Practice and the Strategy and Organization Practice. Francesco has served clients throughout Europe, supporting leading automotive OEMs on strategic and growth-related projects and large-business transformation programs. His expertise ranges from customer… Read More
Jan Heile
Jan Heile is an Associate Director for Arthur D. Little (ADL), based in Germany. His experience includes extensive work for airport authorities, airlines, ground service providers, ANSPs, and other aviation-related organizations, mainly in Europe and the Middle East. Mr. Heile is particularly experienced in developing and implementing strategies, as well as organizational and process designs. In recent years, Mr. Heile has concentrated on… Read More
Akitake Fujita
Mr. Fujita is a Principal at Arthur D. Little (ADL), based in Singapore, covering the whole of South East Asia and Japan. He is a member of the global leadership team of ADL’s Travel & Transportation practice. He has extensive project experience, especially in the aviation and railway sectors. His main areas of expertise cover strategy definition, organizational design, corporate finance, and transformation programs with a side-by-side… Read More
Richard Eagar
Breakthrough innovation — creating new step-out businesses offering new products and services — is seen by many CEOs as a more attractive way to overcome the growth gap. Rick Eagar Partner Emeritus, Arthur D. Little Rick Eagar is Partner Emeritus at Arthur D. Little and Chairman of the editorial board of ADL’s management journal, PRISM. He has 30 years’ consulting exper­ience in innovation, technology management, and… Read More
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