Avoiding the Snare of "Cargo Cult" Agile

Posted March 31, 2015 | Technology | Amplify

We use the term "cargo cults" to describe teams whose activities look and feel Agile to the casual observer, and have some of the trappings (e.g., daily stand-ups, periodic planning), but are not supported by a corresponding adherence to Agile principles. Often these teams are simply carrying on as they always did but using the camouflage of Agile terminology to mask the lack of change.

About The Author
Vince Ryan
Vince Ryan is an Agile consultant at Value Driven Software LLP with a particular interest in software quality assurance and a passion for giving teams the necessary tools to get quality into the delivery process as early as possible. An Agile champion since 2003, Mr. Ryan is an advocate of Lean and XP practices such as test-driven development and pair programming. Helping to promote Agile within the community, he is also a contributor to… Read More
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