The Best of Both Worlds: 5 Steps for Hybrid Work Success

Posted July 14, 2021 | Leadership | Amplify
Alanah Mitchell offers a five-step model to help firms successfully transition to post-pandemic hybrid work arrangements. Her recommendations for leaders include specific guidance about identifying purpose, accommodating needed flexibility, integrating IT, heightening employee experience, and incorporating substantial employee input. Her insightful ideas and central framework pinpoint the critical questions organizations must credibly answer in managing the indispensable human elements of the emerging workplace.
About The Author
Alanah Mitchell
Alanah Mitchell is the Aliber Distinguished Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Information Management and Business Analytics in the College of Business and Public Administration at Drake University. Dr. Mitchell’s research focuses on the design, implementation, and use of information and communications technologies (ICT) for collaboration, specifically in global virtual teams, as well as e-commerce, business analytics,… Read More
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