The Blackbox, Whitebox Principle of Systems Engineering

Posted February 19, 2018 in Cutter Business Technology Journal
Murray Cantor

Systems design has two perspectives: (1) blackbox (the encapsulated system is seen as a whole from the outside; the blackbox view is how the system performs when interacting with its context) and (2) whitebox (the system is seen as a set of interacting parts that collaborate to produce the blackbox behavior).

About The Author
Murray Cantor
Murray Cantor is a Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant. He has been a leader for over 30 years, applying leading-edge ideas in software and systems development. Currently, Dr. Cantor is CTO of Aptage. Recently, he served as an IBM Distinguished Engineer, a member of the Rational CTO Council, and the Rational Lead for Analytics and Optimization for Software and Systems, where he led the application of predictive analytics to software and systems… Read More
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