Blockchain Data Analytics: (In)visibility in Distributed Networks

Posted December 16, 2019 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies, Data Analytics & Digital Technologies Cutter Business Technology Journal

Iweta Laskowska explains some of the myths around blockchain, such as anonymity, transparency, and privacy. She guides the reader to an understanding of what anonymity in peer-to-peer networks means and introduces the concept of “de-anonymization of transaction history,” which involves the identification of the real-world identities of contractors (senders and recipients), as well as the value that is sent. As Laskowska suggests, “The involvement of third parties in the management and authentication of transactions is expensive and time-consuming. Distributed public networks reduce the need for central authorities and eliminate the ‘single point of failure.’” This ultimately allows for greater participation in decision making.

About The Author
Iweta Laskowska
Iweta Laskowska is a Data Analyst at Coinfirm, where she is responsible for the analysis and processing of information related to various blockchain networks. Previously, she was a Blockchain Consultant for IBM, where she was involved in the implementation of permissioned blockchain networks on capital markets in Central Eastern Europe. Ms. Laskowska is owner and writer of a blockchain-focused blog, author of many publications, and guest speaker… Read More
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