Blockchain: Here to Stay? — An Introduction

Posted January 8, 2020 | Technology | Amplify
cover: blockchain here to stay

As we explore in this issue of Cutter Business Techology Journal, blockchain is a smart but still small baby only just beginning the process of becoming an adult. The next two to three years will be important in terms of implementing proper regulations and standards to enable wider adoption of blockchain and to establish the technology on a solid legal foundation.

About The Author
Karolina Marzantowicz
Karolina Marzantowicz acts as a technical executive, advisor, and catalyst who fosters curiosity to help lead the adaptation of rapidly changing IT environments and drive organizational agility. She bridges the technology, business innovation, and psychology worlds. Ms. Marzantowicz has been supporting companies in driving com­plex digital transformations; building and executing high-growth strategies; introducing emerging technologies;… Read More
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