Blockchain in Smart City Administration: A Look at OrgBook

Posted January 7, 2020 in Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence, Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies, Data Analytics & Digital Technologies Cutter Business Technology Journal
smart city

Magesh Kasthuri discusses how city administration can use blockchain. He provides various insights into decentralized architecture, including its technology benefits and security implementation. The article highlights a need for self-healing and auto-scaling services within a smart city architecture, which can be achieved by a blockchain network based on HyperLedger Fabric in a cloud environment. Blockchain can make cities more efficient and more resilient and adds greater transparency and security to a city’s digital processes. Applying DLT technologies in smart cities is an opportunity to reshape many aspects of how cities are organized and managed in order to better serve their citizens.

About The Author
Magesh Kasthuri
Magesh Kasthuri is a Distinguished Senior Member Technical Staff and Principal Consultant of the Cloud Practice at Wipro Limited. He is a Blockchain Council Certified Blockchain Expert v2, an Azure-Certified Architect, an AWS-Certified Associate Architect, and an IBM-Certified Big Data Architect. Dr. Kasthuri has published papers in blockchain, cloud technology, DevOps, and digital transformation architecture in international journals and… Read More
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