Buffet-Style Architecture: The New World of Public Self-Governance

Posted November 22, 2019 | Leadership | Technology | Amplify

Mark Greville proposes an alternative to the command-and-control theater that is governance (particularly technology governance) in most large organizations. He offers examples of business-model-assassinating decisions from previous generations and lays out a path toward a scalable, sustainable, useful governance approach that avoids the bureaucracy typically associated with governance. The article explores decision dynamics and proposes the method of public self-governance to break up complex governance structures, eliminate governance body queues, accelerate change, and drive accountability and transparency via a modern, decentralized approach.

About The Author
Mark Greville
Mark Greville is VP of Architecture at Workhuman. He is obsessed with creativity, design, technology, and retaining his humanity. He is a Certified Information Technology Architect Professional (CITA-P); a member of the computer science advisory board at Maynooth University, Ireland; and a member of the BIS Practitioner Research Group at University College Cork, Ireland. Previously, Mr. Greville was Head of Global Risk Analytics EMEA (Europe,… Read More
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