To Build and Sustain Momentum in a Digital Shift, Communicate!

Posted July 2, 2020 | Leadership | Technology |
As we explore the idea of “making a digital shift,” it’s important to examine the ways to keep up the momentum and stay on track in managerial, not technical, terms. The premise is that, as with a paint job, meticulous preparation is essential to success. From the earliest days, partial successes and outright failures litter the history of digital shifts, with write-offs running into 10 figures on some government projects.
About The Author
Paul Clermont
Paul Clermont is a Cutter Expert. He has been a consultant in IT strategy, governance, and management for 40 years and is a founding member of Prometheus Endeavor, an informal group of veteran consultants in that field. His clients have been primarily in the financial and manufacturing industries, as well as the US government. Mr. Clermont takes a clear, practical view of how information technology can transform organizations and what it takes… Read More
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