Building a Business Capability Model

Posted December 11, 2019 in Business & Enterprise Architecture
Four components of a business capability.

A business architecture initiative such as business capability modeling can be a challenging endeavor in many organizations. Typically, little clarity exists as to what a business capability is, what business capabilities are used for, and why a business needs them. The challenge is to address these concerns while succinctly articulating why adopting business capability modeling is a good idea.

About The Author
John Murphy
John Murphy is a Chief Enterprise Architect who believes in good work, done well, for the right reasons. From his experience, he has seen enterprise architecture (EA), when performed in an excellent manner, truly enable a business to transform and get the most from its investments. Through his work in senior leadership roles in EA across multiple industries, Mr. Murphy drives his EA teams to be both outcome-driven and pragmatic by applying a… Read More
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