Business Agility: A Roadmap for the Digital Enterprise

Posted April 9, 2018 | Leadership | Amplify

In his discussion of the five levels of a digital business ecosystem (DBE), Jaco Viljoen explores the idea that “choice is good because context counts.” The five levels, each with its own set of capabilities that build one on top of another, are: waterfall/traditional, hybrid Agile (a combination of waterfall and Agile), regular delivery, continuous delivery, and continuous exploration. The five DBEs provide insight into which process-building blocks to apply. Viljoen also discusses using a framework to achieve business agility at scale.

About The Author
Jaco Viljoen
Jaco Viljoen is a Principal Consultant at IndigoCube, South Africa, and is passionate about helping others do software development better, be it through successful digital enterprise transformations (Lean/Agile/DevOps), training/coaching, or achieving optimal business agility. He can be reached at jaco at
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