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Business Craftsmanship: A Right-Brain Approach to Organizational Transformation

Posted January 29, 2013 | Leadership |

Business craftsmanship is concerned with organizational transformation and enlightenment. It can loosely be thought of as a framework -- and certainly utilizes one -- but "framework" is not quite the right term to describe this approach as the term implies stability, and usually a clearly defined set of rules. Scrum is a good example of an organizational framework. It has well-defined components, namely roles, meetings, artifacts, and values.

About The Author
Tobias Mayer
Tobias Mayer has a background in software development, publishing, theater arts, and community service. Since 2004 he has worked as a change agent, trainer, and facilitator, providing coaching and consulting services to teams and organizations wishing to make a transition to more agile, trustful, and team-centered ways of working. An online essayist, Mr. Mayer currently authors the blog Business Craftsmanship, where he frequently challenges the… Read More
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