Calculating PE Benchmarks at the World's First Scrum Restaurant

Posted October 9, 2019 in Cutter Business Technology Journal

Recently, we described the application of Scrum at Riccardo’s Restaurant in London. This environment is similar to that of Lean hardware Scrum, in that shifts are repeatedly creating and delivering products in short cycles with high quality. Process efficiency and cycle time become the key metrics for production.

About The Author
Riccardo Mariti
Riccardo Mariti is founder and CEO of Riccardo's Restaurant in London. He opened Riccardo's in 1995 and, beginning in 2017, transitioned it to the “world's first Scrum restaurant.” Using Scrum and Agile methodologies, Mr. Mariti has measurably decreased staff overhead and team member turnover while boosting team morale, customer satisfaction, and profits. He is in the process of opening his second Scrum restaurant and is pursuing several other… Read More
Jeff Sutherland
Jeff Sutherland, inventor and cocreator of Scrum, started his career as a fighter pilot in the US Air Force, where he achieved Top Gun status in 1967 and flew 100 combat missions over North Vietnam. After 11 years as a pilot, Dr. Sutherland joined the faculty of the University of Colorado Medical School, where he received his doctoral degree. As Asstistant Professor of Radiology, Biometrics, and Preventive Medicine, he cofounded the Center for… Read More
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