Can Lean Practices Save the Planet?

Posted May 23, 2022 | Sustainability | Leadership | Amplify
Kevin Brennan outlines how Lean and Six Sigma process management systems could be changed to redefine waste in ways that capture environmental impacts. These models historically seek to eliminate waste in production processes by defining it as anything that does not contribute to increasing customer value. Brennan argues that this customer-centric definition of waste should be broadened to recognize that a focus on customer value leads to practices that reduce environmental quality.
About The Author
Kevin Brennan
Kevin Brennan is an independent consultant in product management and business architecture and Professor at George Brown College, Canada. He has led organizations through strategic and business unit planning and execution, played a leadership role in enterprise change, developed and launched multiple products for a global audience, and managed a product portfolio through the entire product lifecycle. Mr. Brennan is best known for leading the… Read More
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