Challenges in Introducing Agile Practices: 2 Common Anti-Patterns

Posted November 29, 2018 in Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence

As companies adopt Agile as their standard for software development, they usually encounter resistance from several directions — from other parts of IT as well as from the business. We often see organizations struggling with cultural change, insufficient business involvement, and other aspects of scaling. To overcome these challenges, some organizations use ways that worked for them in the past, but in an Agile context this results in counterproductive outcomes. These anti-patterns are hard to root out and tend to reappear. In this Advisor, we highlight two of the most common Agile anti-patterns.

About The Author
JanWillem Sieben
Jan-Willem Sieben is an IT Strategy Consultant at IBM, with a focus on enterprise architecture and the alignment between business and IT strategy. He has been engaged as a consultant, program manager, and enterprise architect in large transformations and innovation programs at central government organizations and a variety of commercial companies, mainly retail. Mr. Sieben has lectured on enterprise architecture for Erasmus University Rotterdam… Read More
Jan Paul Fillie
Jan-Paul Fillié is a Technology Strategy Consultant, Agile Champion, and TOGAF-Certified Architect at IBM. His focus is on analytics, business intelligence, and data governance, including GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Mr. Fillié has worked on IT transformation programs in the financial sector as a consultant, architect, and project manager. As an IBM Agile Champion, he assists teams, programs, and client organizations in Agile/… Read More
Cristina Popescu
Cristina Popescu is a Business Transformation Consultant at IBM, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She has experience in IT consulting across transportation and logistics, consumer products, industrial, and pharma sectors, as well as in Agile IT operations. Ms. Popescu currently focuses on Agile enablement and business strategy in the consumer products industry. She earned an MSc in accountancy and control from the University of Amsterdam,… Read More
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