Challenges to Low-Code Adoption

Posted May 27, 2021 | Leadership | Technology |
Challenges to Low-Code Adoption
With a new generation of cloud-enabled low-code tools, we can combine the simplicity and friendliness of easy-to-use develop­ment environments with the ability to deploy distrib­uted business applications. This Advisor addresses some of the key arguments against low-code adoption.
About The Author
Jacek Chmiel
Jacek Chmiel is head of Avenga Labs, a division of Avenga focused on technology research and trend analysis as well as innovative, technology-oriented proof-of-concept projects with business partners. He is a technology evangelist and a well-known keynote speaker and presenter at some of the most prominent tech conferences all over Europe. Over the course of his 26 years’ experience, Mr. Chmiel has been an insider into strategy and business… Read More
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