To Change or Not to Change?

Posted November 30, 2011 | Leadership |

David Anderson describes Kanban as an evolutionary change method.1 In comparison to other agile methods, Kanban can be introduced with little changes. But what are the differences between different methods? And is there a way to handle changes more successfully?

About The Author
Markus Gartner
Markus Gärtner studied computer sciences until 2005. He published his thesis on hand-gesture detection in 2007 as a book. In 2010, he joined it-agile GmbH, in Hamburg, Germany, after having been a testing group leader for three years at Orga Systems GmbH. Markus is the co-founder of the European chapter in Weekend Testing, a black-belt instructor in the Miagi-Do school of software testing, and contributes to the ATDD-Patterns writing community… Read More
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