Cloud Computing As a Utility

Posted January 10, 2019 | Leadership |

As in the early days of the electric utility, all major cloud providers started off with a “vertically inte­grated” direct sales model (i.e., they also played the role of cloud supplier). However, several major cloud providers have started supporting sales through an indirect sales channel, leveraging specialist partners to reach out to the many different industries that could benefit from cloud services. They have allowed those channel partners to step into the billing chain, thus creating a more unique cloud supplier role, much like those electricity suppliers that stepped into the billing chain between electricity providers and electricity consumers.

About The Author
Priya Sinha
Priya Sinha is a Data Science Research Associate–Cloud Ecosystem at Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford, UK, working with Prof. David Wallom and Dr. Neil Caithness. From 2016-2018, she was a KTP Fellow at the University of Oxford. Dr. Sinha is an accomplished Indian classical dancer (Bharatnatyam) and a recipient of the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training scholarship from the Ministry of Culture, India. She earned a PhD in… Read More
James Mitchell
Dr. James Mitchell is a Cutter Expert and a member of Arthur D. Little's AMP open consulting network; CEO of Strategic Blue, a financial cloud brokerage firm offering for cloud computing, services more commonly seen in the commoditized energy markets. For the past five years, Dr. Mitchell has been pioneering various cloud brokerage concepts that are now gaining widespread acceptance and adoption based on his background as an originator of… Read More
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith has more than 11 years’ experience within the energy wholesale and retail markets. During his career, he worked as an originator at Morgan Stanley in the UK power and gas wholesale markets, before heading up an independent energy retailers’ group-wide electricity and gas forecasting, trading, and pricing activities. There, Dr. Smith designed hedging strategies to manage key risks, with trade execution on spot and forward markets… Read More
David Wallom
David Wallom is Associate Professor/Associate Director of Innovation, Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford, UK, where he leads three research activities: energy and ICT, advanced e-infrastructure and cloud computing, and volunteer computing. He has led over 30 research projects in areas such as cloud utilization, smart energy grids, research data management, green IT, ICT security, and institutional repositories. Prof. Wallom is a… Read More
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