Cognitive Computing

Posted January 14, 2016 | Leadership |

Today we are witnessing a new round of interest in AI and knowledge-based computing that is currently being called cognitive computing. This new round of commercial AI is based on the hugely more powerful computing platforms we have available today. Moreover, it is based on new AI techniques — with the emphasis on neural networks rather than business rules. Business rules provided the basis of some great expert systems, but they didn’t provide a basis for software systems that could learn and adapt — and neural networks do provide these advantages.

About The Author
Paul Harmon
Paul Harmon is an internationally known business consultant and technology analyst. Mr. Harmon began his career in AI with the publication of his popular book, Expert Systems: AI for Business (co-authored with David King in 1983). For the next decade and a half, Mr. Harmon authored Cutter’s journal, Expert Systems Strategies, and then Cutter’s Intelligent Software Strategies. In 1993 Paul Harmon and Cutter Senior Consultant Curt Hall published… Read More
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