Executive Update

Contracting Agile Projects

Posted September 1, 2006 | Leadership |

After more than five years of agile software development, we understand its nuts and bolts pretty well: we know how to build software in an agile manner; we know how to set up an agile team; we have built an impressive set of powerful support tools; we know the caveats and limitations. And a year ago, the Standish Group named agile development as a major success factor in a software project.

About The Author
Jens Coldewey
Jens Coldewey, based in Munich, Germany, is a Cutter Expert. For more than 10 years, Mr. Coldewey has worked with numerous top 50 large and medium-sized companies to introduce Agile practices and Agile management, specializing in deploying Agile development in large organizations. He is a founding member of the nonprofit AgileAlliance and has served as board member. Mr. Coldewey is Managing Director of it-agile GmbH, the leading German supplier… Read More
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