Corporate Sustainability Has Failed: Digitizing Regeneration May Still Save Us

Posted November 10, 2021 | Sustainability | Leadership | Technology | Amplify
Simon Schillebeeckx proposes a focus on regeneration as a way for small carbon footprint firms (e.g., consulting, financial services firms) to make a positive sustainability impact. He highlights that service industry firms can proactively contribute to the regeneration of common pool resources, such as forests and lakes, which often become neglected or overused. What makes regeneration different compared to more traditional donations to a conservation nonprofit is the use of digital technology that enables an organization to lay claim to the eco­system benefits it generates through its support. The digitization of benefits claims provides a transparent accounting system for environmental benefits. Schillebeeckx explains how transparency and accountability can lay the foundation for firms to work together to preserve and restore common pool resources.
About The Author
Simon Schillebeeckx
Simon J.D. Schillebeeckx is a Cutter Expert. He is Assistant Professor of Strategic Management at Singapore Management University (SMU). His research focuses on the intersection of digitization and sustainability. Dr. Schillebeeckx is also cofounder of Global Mangrove Trust, a nonprofit that uses blockchain and remote sensing to support mangrove reforestation, and Handprint, a fast-scaling venture whose mission is to integrate a positive impact… Read More
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