Creating a New Multidisciplinary Cancer Center Using Business Architecture

Posted November 15, 2011 | Technology |


Over the last two decades, medical science has made significant progress in understanding the molecular mechanisms involved in the progression of cancer, and this progress has been accompanied by the development of new and more effective treatments. Yet the way in which cancer care is delivered and coordinated has by and large remained the same. Once diagnosed with cancer, most patients receive their care in a linear fashion.

About The Author
Steven Libutti
Ron Zahavi
Ron Zahavi is Executive Director of the Digital Twin Consortium. He has extensive experience in all aspects of technology management and solution delivery, 20 of those related to Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Mr. Zahavi is the founder of his own consulting company and has held various CTO/CIO positions, managing technology across several companies and performing due diligence of potential acquisitions. Most recently, Mr. Zahavi was Chief… Read More
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