Creating Organizational Advantage in the Age of Disruption

Posted June 5, 2019 | Leadership |
Organizational Advantage

The existing body of knowledge on ambidextrous principles provides a compelling academic framework but falls short of making it actionable within a real-life corporate context. To overcome this, we have developed the Ambidextrous Organization Development Canvas. In this Advisor, we share how applying our model to a broad range of organizations across multiple contexts has enabled us to decode and understand the underlying DNA of ambidextrous organizations.

About The Author
Wilhelm Lerner
Wilhelm Lerner, a Cutter Expert and an Arthur D. Little Partner, focuses on strategy and organization development as well as marketing, customer, and sales excellence to accelerate growth and transformation at the corporate and business unit level. Mr. Lerner has served cross-sector clients with a focus on the consumer, construction, and manufacturing industries. He is passionate about helping clients build game-changing strategies and identify… Read More
Marten Zieris
Marten Zieris is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium, Principal at Arthur D. Little (ADL), member of ADL’s Strategy and Organization practice in Central Europe, and member of ADL’s Global Organization & Transformation Competence Center. Mr. Zieris has extensive expertise in helping clients in multiple industries to reshape and optimize their operating models. His track record covers all dimensions to holistically address… Read More
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