Creating the Service Strategy and Continuous Improvement Plan: The Shift-Left Service Strategy

Posted January 14, 2016 | Technology |

IT service leaders are under constant pressure to deliver reliable and available services within the budgetary constraints of the business. They look for opportunities to optimize their support model, extracting repetitive, nonvalued inefficiencies and effort that inflate support costs. The shift-left service strategy focuses on moving issue resolution and request fulfillment to the lowest cost level in the tiered-model service organization, with a focus on "one and done" — providing the internal customer with resolution at the service desk (Level 1) or self-service portal (Level 0).

About The Author
Peter McGarahan
Peter McGarahan is Senior Director of IT for First American and an industry expert and thought leader in global IT service management. He is also the founder of McGarahan & Associates and offers 30 years of business, IT, and service leadership experience. Mr. McGarahan enjoys sharing his lessons learned and career experiences through published articles and presenting at industry conferences. He has received various industry awards and honors… Read More
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