Executive Report

Creativity in a Formula? A Peek Behind the Curtains of Design Thinking in Business

Posted December 22, 2015 | Leadership |

In this report, the author first briefly clarifies what she means by design thinking. This is to avoid confusion that otherwise may arise from the different meanings associated with the term. Subsequently, she provides a short introduction to the method itself, and then introduces two cases and their design thinking practice. Next, she presents a framework of findings and explain the different concepts of the framework and their interconnections through examples from the cases. To extend this, she provides some additional thoughts on the presented findings before finally wrapping it all up in an alternative visualization of some of the key learnings from this report.

About The Author
Caroline Heerema
Caroline Heerema is a former professional and national team athlete who competed in Olympic sailing classes. She is both a Dutch and Danish national. Springing from her career as a professional athlete is a drive to continuously improve performance through nontraditional approaches. After putting sailing behind her, Ms. Heerema developed a passion for creative and human-centered approaches to innovation and currently researches the application… Read More
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