The Customer Experience Matters: Utilities and Distributed Energy Resources

Posted June 18, 2018 in Cutter Business Technology Journal
Duck curve

Utility companies must now manage the impact of distributed energy resources (DERs) on their present business and operational models. Complications posed by fluctuating load growth, voltage excursions, and varying supply-demand gaps make the need for “demand management” programs increasingly critical to maintaining a healthy utility service. Technology offers a response to this situation, pro­viding utility customers with better tools, such as customer self-service capacities, to help manage the DER supply they generate for the grid. 

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Vikas Mukhi
Vikas Mukhi is an Enterprise Architect at Datavail with 15+ years of successful leadership and experience in business processes, com­plex applications, and secure enterprise-class solutions for 24/7 business operations. His responsibilities include solution strategy and implementation for business operations. Mr. Mukhi has been recognized as a customer-trusted advisor throughout the project lifecycle. He can be reached at Vikas.Mukhi@datavail.… Read More
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