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The Cutter Edge: Highly Regulated Industries Can Move to the Cloud

Posted October 10, 2017 in

10 October 2017

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Highly Regulated Industries Can Move to the Cloud

If your industry is important enough to the Cloud Service Provider, they may evolve their “no customization” rule and develop industry regulator-friendly programs to make life easier for you and your competitors to do business with them ... More.

Blockchain for Customer Loyalty Rewards Programs

Loyalty rewards programs are considered one of the most effective means to attract and retain customers; however, they are typically expensive to implement and maintain. Blockchain-based loyalty programs might be the answer ... More.

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Blockchain Rising: Where Are You on the Adoption Curve?

Gain strategies for determining blockchain’s potential at your organization. This new report provides the results of surveys and phone interviews of leading organizations' experiences implementing blockchain technologies. Save 20% with Coupon Code block20. Order now!

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