The Cutter Edge: Innovations in Fintech

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The Cutter Edge: Innovations in Fintech

The Cutter Edge
Posted July 4, 2017 in

4 July 2017

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Innovations in Fintech!

by Philip O'Reilly, Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium

A recent issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal highlights innovations unearthed from a joint research effort conducted by State Street Bank, University College Cork, and Zhejiang University. The findings will be of significant relevance to the future of financial services and, potentially, other domains ... moreDownload a complimentary copy of the report! 

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Have you identified your organization's security threats?

Business profit goals can be stifled by lapses in the development of a corporate architecture and security risks to data storage and processing. There are three elements that an organization must incorporate in its information security plan ... More.

Call for Papers: Insurtech - Reinventing the Insurance Industry

How is Insurtech both disrupting and revolutionizing the insurance sector with its innovative technology solutions? What challenges do both startups and insurance incumbents face? Send us your article ideas for publication in an upcoming Cutter Business Technology Journal!

Can We Measure Agile Performance with an Evolving Scope? An EVM Framework

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