Cybersecurity Vulnerability Management for Medical Devices

Posted December 22, 2021 | Industry | Leadership | Technology | Amplify
Cybersecurity vulnerability management for medical devices is an area of concern for both medical device manufacturers and healthcare delivery organizations. The issues related to updates, configuration, and patch management are extremely challenging in the medical domain, especially with ransomware attacks designed to exploit well-known technologies used in medical devices. The article describes a centralized service and continuous patch delivery that can be adopted as an industry practice for medical device manufacturers, and is an important read for all cybersecurity and healthcare professionals.
About The Author
Hans Martin von Stockhausen
Hans-Martin von Stockhausen is Cybersecurity Officer and Senior Product Manager of Cybersecurity at Siemens Healthineers, where he is responsible for the security of the imaging products and leads the company in developing security requirements for all products gathered from international regulations and customers around the globe. Inside the Siemens security community, Dr. von Stockhausen leads a team that works on improving and maintaining the… Read More
Frances Paulisch
Dr. Frances Paulisch is the head of Siemens Healthineers Software Initiative, which coordinates strategic topics related to software across the Siemens Healthineers globally. In this role, Frances drives cross-company activities that help address rapidly changing markets and the shift towards digitalization. A major focus of her work is empowering cross-functional teams to work well together over the whole development lifecycle to achieve speed… Read More
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