DAOs and Token-Driven Organizations: Promises vs. Reality — Opening Statement

Posted November 9, 2022 | Technology | Amplify
DAOs and Token-Driven Organizations: Promises vs. Reality
This issue of Amplify explores the trends, innovations, technologies, applications, opportunities, challenges, and novel research reshaping token-driven organizations. Understanding how digital tokens govern work and organizing in virtual organizations can unravel important questions for leaders and managers of traditional organizations.
About The Author
Michel Avital
Michel Avital is Professor of Digitalization at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. He is an advocate of openness and an avid proponent of cross-boundary exchange and collaboration. Prof. Avital’s research focuses on the relationships between digital innovation ecosystems and organizational practices. He studies how emergent technologies are developed, applied, managed, and utilized to transform and shape organizations. Currently, Prof. Avital… Read More
Nina Birte Schirrmacher
Nina-Birte Schirrmacher is Assistant Professor in the KIN Center for Digital Innovation at VU Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her research focuses on the relationship between organizational practices and emerging technologies, including, but not limited to, blockchain, cashless payment, and robots. Dr. Schirrmacher is also interested in the unintended consequences of technology use, such as digital divides and cybercrime. She has been collaborating… Read More
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