Executive Update

Data Center Environmental Opportunities

Posted February 14, 2008 | Leadership |

Concerns about the environment haven't been at this fever pitch since the early 1970s. With the relentless stream of current news articles demanding green action on the part of corporations as well as government, it is no surprise that attention is focused on the IT activities of the enterprise. The need for additional computing performance and value delivery to the corporation is causing a growing problem inflamed by rapidly escalating electric utility costs.

About The Author
Charles Bess
Charlie Bess is Chief Technologist of the Application and Business Services in HP ES Americas and an HP Fellow. Previously, he was the leader of HP's global architecture capability, the Chief Technologist for numerous large internal teams and client relationships, and a member of HP's services lab. Mr. Bess is an avid blogger and led HP's global technical conference numerous times. He has a bachelor of science degree from Purdue University and… Read More
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