Decision Making: Art, Science, or Alchemy? — Opening Statement

Posted September 1, 2014 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies Cutter Business Technology Journal

Our goal in this issue is not to put a finite point on decision making but to expose ourselves to the vast array of decision-making complexities. All of this issue's articles give us more to think about, as well as practical tools. We didn't put this issue together to ruin your week. We put it together to arm you with insights. We are confident that readers will store some of the ideas we deliver here somewhere in the backs of their minds and that this information will be triggered at an appropriate time.

About The Author
Hillel Glazer
Hillel Glazer is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium’s Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence practice and CEO of Entinex, Inc. He is a career-long pathfinder who has been reframing how organizations perform. Mr. Glazer counsels executives in the technical, organizational, and operational integrations necessary to bring about the capability to dynamically respond to shifting demands. Mr. Glazer is the consummate pragmatic… Read More
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