Defining Business Strategy: Does an Architect Have a Role?

Posted April 18, 2007 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies, Business & Enterprise Architecture

Recently, one of my close friends (currently working as a CTO for a Fortune 100 company) was interviewing for a senior-level IT executive position. During one of her face-to-face interviews, she was asked opinion of the role of IT in enabling business. Specifically, what role she thinks the architect plays in defining the business strategy.

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Tushar Hazra
Tushar Hazra is an Executive Enterprise Architect with over 22 years’ experience in various areas of architecture development, implementation, governance, risk management, and compliance. Dr. Hazra is a successful and recognized thought leader and an expert in delivering enterprise-level business solutions, strategy, blueprints, and roadmaps; strategic planning; and implementing effective enterprise architecture for digital transformation. He… Read More
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