Defining Digital Architecture: Shifting the Focus to Customer Centricity

Posted November 22, 2019 | Leadership | Technology | Amplify
customer focus

Kaine Ugwu presents a series of tips, tricks, and techniques to approach the development of a digital architecture. He offers some clear guidance on putting the experience of customers at the heart of the architecture, positioning digital as a strategic approach to reimagining business models and infusing the organization with agility. Ugwu proposes a prag­matic use of industry reference models and pinpoints the key areas that need to be addressed to kickstart this process.

About The Author
Kaine Ugwu
Kaine is an Enterprise Architect with an agile mindset and experience developing architecture, leading disruptive strategy, transformation programs, and co-creating solutions for the Digital Enterprise. He speaks at technology conferences and has authored articles in notable publications. He holds several industry certifications in architecture, cloud, and management.
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