Delivering Value Using Shorter Iterations on Agile DW/BI Projects

Posted March 31, 2015 | Technology |

I suggest when teams start off, they go with shorter iterations, and once they feel they've got the Agile process down, and they're working together well, and they've got a good mindset shift, then they can expand to two or three weeks. Anything bigger than that and you're shortchanging yourself on your learning cycles.

About The Author
Lynn Winterboer
Lynn Winterboer, CBIP, is a Cutter Expert with Cutter's Leadership and Technology practices. With a proven background in a variety of data projects and Agile practices, Ms. Winterboer teaches and coaches BI/DW teams on how to effectively apply Agile principles and practices to their work. For 20 years, Ms. Winterboer has studied and applied Agile analytics, serving in numerous roles within the analytics BI/DW space. She understands the unique… Read More
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