Executive Update

DevOps Principles Lead to Architectural Changes

Posted February 12, 2015 | Technology |

DevOps is more than a set of tools and scripts used to make software operations easier within a software engineering group. DevOps is also a set of principles based on the belief that when an organization improves its deployment frequency, it will find success with a faster time to market, a lower failure rate on new releases, a shorter time between reporting bugs and deploying fixes in production, and a heightened ability to respond to production operations issues. Increased deployment frequency leads to increased profitability due to these successes. As we explore in this Executive Update, when an organization begins an internal DevOps initiative, it will find that it needs architectural changes for its desires to come to fruition.

About The Author
Timothy Collinson
Timothy Collinson actively works with clients to transition their companies into appropriate Agile methodologies. Mr. Collinson has successfully taught and managed teams of developers in various Agile practices, including test-driven development, DevOps, continuous integration and monitoring, end-to-end design and architecture without big design up front (BDUF), and writing/managing user stories. His expertise spans development and testing, from… Read More
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