The Digital Architecture Quest

Posted September 30, 2020 | Technology |
Digital Architecture
The promise of the big and complicated framework, method, or architecture is our safety. Conformance to norms leads to acceptability in our modern techno-geocentricity: we are the center, we hold the center, nothing else matters, we know all that needs to be known. But are we at an inflection point? On the one hand, we have a world dominated by increasingly complicated frameworks detailing each and every aspect of a “transformation,” be it agile, digital, or other, along with associated architectures. On the other hand, we can contrast this framework approach with alternatives emerging from complex adaptive systems and complexity science. Unfortunately, those alternatives come with the cognitive load associated with uncertainty and ambiguity, and it is this friction that maintains the status quo.
About The Author
Gar Mac Críosta
Gar Mac Críosta is the founder of Business Model Adventures and leads IASA Global’s Next Architecture Practice Group. He has facilitated the development of change programs with C-level executives, senior managers, technology leaders, and executives in the areas of business model innovation, digital strategy, architecture, and organizational effectiveness (Lean/Agile) across various indus­tries. Mr. Mac Críosta is a Certified Architect… Read More
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