Digital Architecture as an Enabler of Digital Transformation

Posted May 13, 2020 | Technology |
Digital Architecture as an Enabler of Digital Transformation
Unfortunately, most digital transformation initiatives fail not because they lack capabilities or intelligent, talented people but because they lack precise objectives, digital leadership, and an innovative mindset. Goals — such as what the target business outcomes are — must be clearly defined because a digital transformation journey on its own is already a very complicated endeavor. Digital architecture is what simplifies the journey and makes sense of it. It is vital to begin with a clear objective in order to create the right architecture.
About The Author
Kaine Ugwu
Kaine is an Enterprise Architect with an agile mindset and experience developing architecture, leading disruptive strategy, transformation programs, and co-creating solutions for the Digital Enterprise. He speaks at technology conferences and has authored articles in notable publications. He holds several industry certifications in architecture, cloud, and management.
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