Executive Update

Digital Lean Management: Unlock Potential and Achieve Higher Performance Levels

Posted March 25, 2019 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies

Successful companies have achieved outstanding performance by incorporating Lean management at the center of their corporate transformations. At the same time, the potential of digital technologies to transform performance has become widely recognized. However, bringing together Lean and digital tends to bring about two conflicting scenarios: companies that realize a radical performance increase of up to 50% or more, or companies that become stuck in situations in which initiatives happen in silos, efforts lack coordination, and success is never achieved. This Executive Update offers guidance on trans­forming companies to digital Lean by developing their Lean capabilities and embedding technological building blocks into their value streams.

About The Author
Bernd Schreiber
Bernd Schreiber is an Arthur D. Little (ADL) partner, where he leads the Global Operations Management practice, the Global Industry 4.0 activities, and is a member of the Digital Transformation & Analytics think tank. Mr. Schreiber’s main areas of expertise are strategy definition, operating model and organizational design, operational excellence, supply chain management, performance improvement, and transformation programs in a wide variety… Read More
Engin Beken
Dr. Engin Beken is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium and a Principal at Arthur D. Little (ADL). He has more than six years’ experience in management consulting and the energy industry.​ Mr. Beken’s main areas of expertise are operations management and performance improvement in energy- and production-oriented companies. He has a proven track record in organizational transformation, digitalization of value chains, process management, and… Read More
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