Digital Shift and EA: What Does It Take?

Posted April 15, 2020 in Business & Enterprise Architecture
Digital Shift and EA

Digitalization may be defined as using IT to improve the performance of people in organizations. These improvements may take place, for example, in business operations, the customer interface, employee experience, informed decision making, or in the form of new business models, products, and services. The digitalization of business operations involves improved business processes, cost savings, and faster lead times.

About The Author
Samuli Pekkola
Samuli Pekkola is Professor of Information Systems at Tampere University, Finland. He has also held visiting positions in Norway and the Netherlands, along with several positions at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Dr. Pekkola’s research focuses on users in different manifestations of information systems, IS management and acquisition, and enterprise architecture. He has been published in various journals, such as Information Systems… Read More
Maija Ylinen
Maija Ylinen is a doctoral student at Tampere University, Finland. Her research focuses on digital transformation in the public sector. Ms. Ylinen has published articles related to the evaluation of information systems success, challenges of enterprise architecture, and transformation of the IT development process in the main IS conferences. She earned a master of science degree in industrial management from Tampere University of Technology. She… Read More
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