Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Closing the Gaps to Success

Posted September 3, 2020 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies
Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Closing the Gaps to Success
Even as digital tools recast the entire healthcare industry model, old problems remain, especially in the centralized and technologically inefficient modes of data management. That’s where good data software testing and quality assurance come into play in the form of test automation. As automation becomes the software development standard for revenue-minded companies, regular testing is required to make sure productivity and security activities are above board.
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Guljeet Nagpaul
Guljeet Nagpaul is a Chief Product Officer at ACCELQ and is an accomplished leader with experience as a software engineer as well as leading platform and market strategies. Mr. Nagpaul spent 10 years at Mercury Interactive, where he was North America head for ALM practice. During this time, ALM captured the highest market share and Mercury was acquired by HP. He was a key leader in growing the ALM portfolio with Spydynamics and Shunra… Read More
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