Digital Transformation: Get All Onboard Fast!

Posted January 17, 2018 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies Cutter Business Technology Journal
ICE process

The authors highlight the challenge of resistance to change. They believe that leaders charged with digital transformation often ignore or underestimate employee resistance. And sometimes when they recognize resistance, they write it off as irrational behavior. The authors explore this and other misconceptions that stand in the way of effec­tive digital transformation. They propose an approach for involving and engaging employees in the change.

About The Author
Hermann Ladner
Hermann Ladner has been mastering the lifecycle of change for more than 18 years and sees himself as a bridge builder, connecting past and new paradigms. He provides support to people and organizations, enabling them to emerge stronger from turbulent times. In his work with a broad range of organizations, Mr. Ladner helps decision makers at all levels and assists managers with projects from initiation to implementation, allowing them to… Read More
Michael Kunz
Michael Kunz has worked for nearly 20 years as strategy consultant, project manager, and enterprise and software architect for large organizations in various industries. Mr. Kunz is the author of several publications, speaks regularly at conferences, and is coauthor of Systematic Digital Transformation. He can be reached at
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