Diversity in Tech: Are We Moving the Needle or Just Idling? — An Introduction

Posted October 20, 2021 | Sustainability | Leadership | Amplify
Viola Maxwell-Thompson
It is through this issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal (CBTJ) that we hope to remind CEOs of the challenges that remain unaddressed and out of balance. The authors speak from personal experiences, exten­sive research, and a deep desire to contribute toward changing the DEI narrative. They share proven best practices and procedural changes that must be followed so that this time, the outcomes of CEOs’ commitments will look different, and those impacted will finally be able to have more equitable work and life experiences.
About The Author
Viola Maxwell Thompson
Viola Maxwell-Thompson is certified by the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), a board director, former Ernst & Young Technology Partner, former CEO and president, industry thought leader, and innovative strategist with over 35 years‘ experience in executive-level management in corporate America and nonprofit organizations. She has a proven track record of successfully directing and managing engagements for multibillion-… Read More
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