Driving Change: A Case Study

Posted November 15, 2018 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies

The path to becoming a digital company is difficult and the challenges are multifold. It means ensuring customers remain connected even with the drastic changes that may be needed and overcoming resistance to new business models. Becoming digital does not simply mean implementing new technology; it also requires developing new leadership skills combined with connectivity among a company’s people, proc­esses, and data. Cultural changes may also be a challenge if the digital transformation must cut across silos in the organization. This Advisor’s case study examines the implementation of a digital change in a US community bank meant to retain its loyal customer base and to put in place newer ways of monetization.

About The Author
Jagdish Bhandarkar
Jagdish Bhandarkar is a technology geek with 20+ years' industry experience with various Fortune 500 companies. He is the CTO at SLK Software Services, responsible for driving the company’s technology vision of continuously enhancing innovation on behalf of customers at a global scale. Dr. Bhandarkar has authored various articles for journals and conferences. He earned a master’s degree in engineering and a PhD from MIT. Dr. Bhandarkar is an… Read More
Namratha Rao
Namratha Rao is a techno-change management expert with nearly two decades of industry experience. She is AVP of Product Engineering Development at SLK Software Services, where she heads the organizational change management, product development, and applied innovation areas. A thought leader and practitioner in “blue ocean” strategy, Ms. Rao has led many initiatives in SLK’s Value-Based Advisory Services to create a differentiation for SLK and… Read More
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