EA, Agility, and Mess Management

Posted November 12, 2013 | Technology |

For a long time, the predominant business assumption was that specialization (around markets and business functions) was the right approach to complexity (divide and conquer), efficiency, and market responsiveness (closer knows best). In a divide-and-conquer paradigm, the "pipes and filters" pattern -- with islands (or silos) of information processing, decision making, and action, and "pipes" or information buffers between -- works well enough organizationally and for the technology firmament supporting that mode of business operation.

About The Author
Ruth Malan
Ruth Malan is a senior architecture consultant at Bredemeyer Consulting. She has published papers, chapters, and a book in the areas of object-oriented methods, reuse, and software architecture. She is principal editor of the acclaimed Resources for Software Architects website. Two of the most popular papers by Ruth Malan and Dana Bredemeyer are "Less Is More with Minimalist Architecture," published by IEEE's IT Professional in September/October… Read More
Dana Bredemeyer
Dana Bredemeyer is founder and president of Bredemeyer Consulting, a company that focuses on training and consulting in system architecture, including enterprise architecture and software architecture. He is also president of the Global Enterprise Architecture Organisation (GEAO). Mr. Bredemeyer has more than 20 years' experience in the software industry. For nearly 10 of those years, he has focused exclusively on architecture, first at Hewlett-… Read More
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