EA's Role in Outsourcing: Retaining Technical Expertise

Posted January 12, 2010 | Leadership | Leadership |

The presumption behind sourcing is that the vendor will, and generally does, bring in technical depth and hands-on expertise for IT projects and programs where it is engaged. Traditionally, inhouse architects, designers, and other senior technologists would be involved in complex technology initiatives. As they helped to solve problems -- say, configuring networks, servers, and firewalls or defining key interfaces with external partners -- enterprise architects would add back to the organizational knowledge ecosystem.

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Mohan Babu K
Mohan Babu Krishnamoorthy is Director of Enterprise Architecture at Conduent Business Services, a Fortune 500 company. He has spent two decades in technology management and has gained a strong insight into the lifecycle of portfolio management and the global delivery model. Having lived and worked in a dozen countries on three continents, he has also gained an international perspective on business and society. His viewpoints and papers have been… Read More
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