The Enterprise Architect as Troubleshooter

Posted June 2, 2021 | Technology |
Scott Whitmire
Every change effort requires a certain amount of troubleshooting to determine what processes and capabilities need to be altered to meet new business goals. Yet, far too little attention has been given to the skill of troubleshooting. This Advisor explores troubleshooting as a skill and a process and discusses how to apply it to enterprise architecture to identify appropriate starting points for change initiatives.
About The Author
Scott Whitmire
Scott Whitmire is a senior enterprise architect with over 40 years' system architecture and development experience, including several major applications as well as new products and full lines of business. He has designed and built large applications for many industries, such as healthcare, research, aerospace, manufacturing, professional practice management, financial services, wholesale, retail, and telecommunications. Mr. Whitmire serves on… Read More
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