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Enterprise Carbon Management: Who Should Assume Responsibility?

Posted October 27, 2010 | Leadership | Leadership |

Who is, and who should be, responsible for carbon management within a corporation? As climate change relentlessly seeps into the public consciousness, and corporations face increasingly widespread and intense pressure to adhere to regulatory requirements and demonstrate their civic virtuosity by contributing to the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, the question of where accountability of carbon management should lie has become a subject of growing interest within the C-suite.

About The Author
Ralph Cohen
Ralph Cohen has more than 20 years' experience in market, geopolitical, and competitive intelligence, product management, and business development. He is currently an environmental industry analyst and consultant for Strategic Intelligence Partners (SIP), where he specializes in green IT, sustainability, and related areas. Before SIP, Mr. Cohen was a voice and data services product and market intelligence manager for XO Communications. He has… Read More
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